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Columbariumniches.com offers- Superior Durability, Elegant design, and world class support that will create everlasting value.

Columbarium Definition

Columbaria can be freestanding, recessed into the ground, or wall mounted units, that hold cremated remains. A free-standing unit will attach to a concrete pad that acts as its foundation. A ground niche system will conserve more space than a free-standing unit. The structure is divided of small compartments, called niches that hold cremation urns. Traditionally they are found in cemeteries although they have expanded to college campuses, university memorials, retirement campuses, and church gardens. There is a rising demand for cremation across North America, which is causing more demand for columbaria gardens that will represent areas of reflection and commemorate loved ones.

Columbarium Overview

Cremation has been gaining more and more acceptance across the United States, therefore increasing the demand for cremation niches and columbaria gardens. In 2001, there was approximately 27-30% of the population in the United States that preferred the cremation process. In 2016, that rose to over 50% and is continuing to increase today. There are thousands of columbarium niches and systems across North America and the Caribbean and many customers look to us to memorialize their loved ones. One of the most common reasons for cremation is the rising costs of funeral related burial services. We offer a variety of sizes and models that offer an economic alternative to larger, heavier columbarium memorials in the market, without needing to spend more than your budget. Let us assist you in finding what you need and help deliver peace of mind to your family or organization knowing that you have chosen both superior quality and the most economical choice on the market. This broad range of choices will allow customers to convert their imagined goals into reality. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use depending on your available space. They can be used for personal use, or incorporated into a larger community space within a memorial garden or cemetery. The lightweight unit is ideal for cemeteries, memorial gardens, or even church foyers and courtyards. Cremation gardens offer a large, attractive, and affordable way to make additions to your cemetery. Use the Columbarium to offer clientele with limited means a respectful resting place for themselves or loved ones. Our columbaria have the capability of being extended to meet future capacity needs. After purchasing our columbarium, customers can use their existing memorial and add additional units in the future that will flawlessly match the original columbarium.

Our quality customer service and engineering staff will communicate with you throughout the entire process. Our columbaria include niches in various sizes to accommodate your requirements. Our larger sized niches are deeper than the standard niche and will hold a companion or will allow loved ones to place mementos with urns. We also have smaller niches that offer an economic interment option. Each niche door includes a (1 1/8”x2”) nameplate marker and a secure five pin tumbler lock with two keys that can be given to family members as keepsakes. All niches are surrounded with beautiful 12”x12x3/8” granite tiles that will compliment any décor or natural outdoor setting. Once interment takes place, any local engraver can add a name, images, clip art, or any other engraving to the granite tiles. While it is likely more economical to send them to a local engraver, if you send the tiles to us we can also engrave granite tile. While your tiles are being engraved, replacement tiles are available for a fee.

Ask our development team about assistance when you are planning and designing the stages of your project. We would be happy to assist customers with any inquiry and work with them on implementation and design, whether it’s for the interior of a chapel wall or an outdoor memorial garden. We are also willing to work with individual customers on their budgets, in order to make sure everyone is able to fulfill their needs.