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Installation Guide

Our columbaria are free standing units that will install easily so you won’t have to use a professional installation service. There is no need to worry about expensive shipping costs or installation expenses requiring a crane. The light-weight modules are trucked in and transported using hand trucks and bolted together. The tiles can easily slide into the exterior frame by unlocking the roof cover and pushing back the roof cover to reveal the tile slots. Once the unit is put together, simply anchor the unit to a concrete slab. If professional installation assistance is preferred, customers can utilize their local general contractors or our professional services for an extra fee. Whether the project is inside or outside, our team is equipped to install your columbarium memorial and will go the extra step to ensure the process is executed with expert precision.

Mounting Outdoors:

Columbaria can be mounted outdoors using a high grade structural cement anchor.

Mounting Indoors:

Columbaria can be mounted directly to the floor in any establishment.