Internment Ceremony

columbarium internment ceremony

When an internment ceremony is to take place, the granite tiles on the columbarium are rearranged to reveal the niche used for the internment. Once loved ones have placed the cinerary urn in the niche along with any mementos, the inner door is shut and locked .Provide the bereaved with the keys to the inner door as a keepsake (gold colored keys are available as an upgrade to the standard silver colored keys).

columbarium key

Call for Brass Key Pricing

Ceremony Steps

internment process

Unlock the Roof Cover

internment process

Push back roof cover to reveal tiles.

internment process

Remove tiles to access internment niche.

internment process

Place tile divider vertically and place tiles back in grooves to cover unused niches.

internment process

Loved ones place cinerary urns and mementos in niche.

internment process

Add tiles back in to cover.

Optional Internment Urns are available for purchase and fit inside our B, C, and D doors. Call today for more information.

wood internment urncolumbarium doorcolumbarium doorcolumbarium door

Optional Internment Urn

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